How to switch from Bitly to Terminus shortener?

If you have connected your Bitly shortener to a project and would like to switch to a Terminus shortener, you can follow these steps

1. Navigate to Project Settings > Shorteners

You can go to your project Settings and then go to the Shorteners section.

To switch from Bitly to Terminus, click on Use This next to Terminus Custom Shortener. Any new URLs created from now on will use the Terminus shortener.

2. (Optional) Select your custom domain if using

By default, domain will be used for shortening. However, if you would like to use your own domain, you can select it here. For your custom domain to be available here, you can follow the steps on how to configure a custom domain.

NOTE: If you are using your own custom domain in Bitly, it may not be easily possible to use the same domain in Terminus. It’s best to use another custom domain to avoid breaking your URLs in Bitly.

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