How to reorder tracking parameters?

When building URLs in Terminus, all the tracking parameters including utm_campaignutm_sourceutm_medium, and any custom parameters are added to the final tracked URL in a predefined order. This works in almost all cases.

But in certain cases, you might want to control the order as well as what’s included in the final tracked URL. It’s possible to do that in Terminus.

1. Go to Settings > Tracking Parameters

Navigate to your project Settings and then the Tracking Parameters area.

2. Select the tracking parameters

The dropdown will have UTM and custom parameters that you can choose from. Select the ones you would like to appear in the final tracked URL in the desired order.

Click Save.

Any new URLs will now be built using this new selection. This will not change any existing URL. If you would like to update them, you’ll need to edit and save each URL again.

NOTE: By default, Terminus will add and remove any UTM and custom parameters as you change the project settings. If you configure tracking parameters, you’ll need to make sure any new custom parameters you define are also added here if you want them to be part of the final URL. Otherwise, they’ll be ignored.

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