How to setup Automated Exports

About Automated Exports

The Automated Export feature in Terminus allows you to streamline your workflow by automatically exporting the links created within their projects at regular intervals. This feature supports daily, weekly, or monthly export schedules, delivering the data directly to a configured email address in a convenient CSV format.
Benefits of Automated Export:
  • Time-saving: Automates the repetitive task of manually exporting links.
  • Consistency: Ensures regular and timely exports without manual intervention.
  • Flexibility: Offers customizable export intervals to fit various project needs.

1. Setting up your first delivery method

Delivery methods are located under Account Settings > Delivery Settings.

1.1 Create a new delivery setting

Click Add an Email Delivery Method.

1.2 How to fill the Email delivery method form

  • Enter a custom name to easily identify your email delivery method.
    • Example: "Marketing Team email"
  • Enter an email address to delivery any files to.
  • Click Save.

1.3 Verify the new delivery method

You should see the new email delivery method listed in your account delivery settings page.

2. Setup up Project Export Settings

Once you have created a delivery method, you can configure automated exports for a given project.

2.1 Navigate to your export settings page

Look for the Export Settings section and begin creating a new export configuration.

2.2 How to fill the Export Setting form

  • Look for the Export Settings section and begin creating a new export configuration
  • Select your previously created email delivery method from the dropdown menu.
    • Example: "Marketing Team email - Email Delivery"
  • Select the export interval (Daily, Weekly, or Monthly) that suits your project’s needs.
    • Example: "Daily"
  • Set the First Export date and time in UTC, determining when your first automated export will occur.
    • Example:
      • Year "2024"
      • Month "April"
      • Day "5"
      • Hour "13"
  • Click Save to activate the automated exports.

2.3 Verify the new export setting

Once you create your export setting, Terminus will automatically send you export files at your chosen interval. You'll receive the files through your preferred delivery method.

Currently we support exporting links created within the interval configured in the Export Setting. For example, if you configure interval as Daily, links created within the last 24 hours before sending the export will be included in the file.

3. Monitoring and Adjusting Export Settings

Once configured, Terminus will handle the rest, automatically generating and sending your exports according to the schedule you've set. You can always return to the project settings to adjust the frequency or delivery method.

4. Disabling Automated Export

If you need to stop the Automated Exports, you can delete the corresponding Export Setting in your project.

5. Subscription Level Consideration

It’s important to note that the Automated Export feature is contingent on your subscription plan. If you downgrade to a plan that does not support Automated Exports, any existing configurations for automated exports will cease to function. To maintain uninterrupted service, ensure your subscription plan includes the Automated Export feature.

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