How to create QR Codes for short URLs?

QR Codes are scannable versions of short URLs that can be used in certain types of campaigns.

They can be printed on brochures, visiting cards, postcards, etc. They can also be displayed on screens at conferences and other events so that attendees can easily visit your website without having to type it in.

Here’s how to generate and use them in Terminus.

1. Go to the URLs section in your project 

Click on the QR Code of the short URL you would like to use. This will show the QR code for that short URL

2. Download the QR code

Click on the Download button to save the QR code on your computer.

Before using it for your campaigns, you can test it using your phone. In most cases, the camera app on a modern smartphone can be used to scan the QR code.

3. Use the QR code

Copy and paste the downloaded QR code into your campaign material (e.g. brochures, flyers, etc.) before printing.

4. Monitor the metrics

As people scan the QR code and visit your short URL, they will be counted in Terminus. You can see them in your Terminus project and analytics reports.

Dynamic QR codes:

If you decide to change the destination URL or the query parameters (UTM, custom, etc.), the short URL will remain the same (if using the Terminus shortener). This helps you avoid printing new QR codes and saves costs for print campaigns.

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