How does Field Mode work in Conventions?

Conventions help to implement a comprehensive naming strategy for your UTM and custom parameters. They modify the simple URL builder with additional fields for each parameter. This interface is intuitive and not too different from a simple URL builder. This is the best choice for most use cases.

However, for some complex requirements, a single field can be used in multiple UTM/custom parameters. This requires a slightly different interface to account for such duplication and reduce user errors. This is where Field Mode helps.

Imagine an Ad Convention that uses Source in multiple places.

1. Without Field Mode

As you can see, a user needs to select the Source value twice.

2. With Field Mode

When the field mode is turned on, the interface is slightly different. All the convention fields are shown together where you can select the value of Source once, but it’s updated in multiple UTMs.

3. When to use Field Mode

Since it changes the builder interface, it may not be an obvious choice for all cases. Field mode is suitable in certain cases.

  • When a common field is used in multiple parameters. e.g. Source in the above example.
  • When you control most of UTM/custom parameters with conventions
  • You like the Field mode interface better than the default one.
  • Bulk operations or bulk cloning cannot be used for URLs created with conventions in field mode. This is to prevent any common fields between different UTM/custom parameters from getting out of sync with each other.

4. How to enable Field Mode

When in a project, navigate to Tools > Conventions and click edit for a given convention.

Check Field mode and click Save

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