Using a Convention in UTM URL builder

This step assumes you have already created a Convention. Let’s see how to use it to build your UTM tracking URLs.

Step 1: Select the Convention in UTM URL Builder

From the Conventions dropdown, select the convention you would like to apply to the URL builder. In this case, we select Email Newsletter Convention.

After you select your convention, your UTM URL Builder will be updated with your convention. Here’s how it will look like in this case:

You’ll notice that the UTM CampaignUTM Medium, and UTM Source are now updated based on how we defined them in our Email Newsletter Convention.

Step 2: Fill the UTM URL Builder fields

For this convention, it might look something like this,

You’ll notice that the Interval (Option field) has a dropdown, Send date (Date field) has a calendar, and while UTM Medium/Email (Constant field) is not changeable.

Once you click save, your URL will be created. The full UTM-tagged version will look like this:

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